With your arm outstretched, palm-down, and slightly behind you so cyclists behind you get a clear view of your hand, move your hand up and down at the wrist to indicate that you’re about to slow.

Use this indication when you’re confident that you’re going to be pulling the brakes in order to significantly slow your speed.

Optional call: “Slowing!”

In addition to the signal, and if braking is more urgent and you haven’t got time to indicate safely, call out “Slowing!” loudly and sharply. This will give riders an additional stimulus to react to, apart from your rear wheel suddenly rushing towards them.

Always try to give this signal before you start applying the brakes.

This signal is normally used when you need reduce speed, but don’t expect to stop (eg slowing before entering a corner). When approaching a junction or other circumstances when there is a good chance you will have to stop, use the ‘Stopping’ signal.