General Points

The nature of riding in a group means that if you’re not on the front, you may not always see a hazard; however, a well-drilled group using signals and calls correctly will ensure all riders remain safe on the road.

Riders will almost certainly be moving forwards faster than the signals can travel back through the group. Therefore, in order to give following riders the chance to react to signals before encountering the hazard, the following general points should be observed:

  • The lead rider should always be looking ahead for hazards, and wherever possible give signals/calls early.
  • If the lead rider is unsure whether a hazard is real or not, or whether it is worth highlighting, remember that it is better to err on the side of caution; no one will complain if they have been warned and the suspected hazard does not materialise.
  • Following riders should repeat signals/calls without delay and without interpretation.
  • If following riders observe a hazard that has not been signalled by the leader, initiate the signal to following riders.